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Field Studies in Red Deer Public Schools:  
Local, National and International

All travel is valuable; however, international field studies offered by schools must contain elements to maximize student learning that link to the curriculum.

Field Studies provide a gateway for students to develop the knowledge and  skills  needed   to   participate  productively  in  local  and global communities. Ultimately, the goal of field studies is to inspire students to continue the life long journey of being active learners & engaged global citizens.

Field Studies in Canada and international destinations must allow students to make connections between their learning and the world around them. Field Studies should be designed in such a way as to maximize the experience for students and to have direct meaningful links to the curriculum. The Field Study should provide opportunities for students to enrich their academic experience, to broaden their perspectives, and to develop as global citizens.

School sponsored field studies must ensure equitable access, inclusion and equal opportunity to learn.  Participation rates in field studies must provide for equitable access across income levels, genders, ethnicities and must accommodate those students with diverse learning needs.   

Before planning a field study please click on the above document and review  prior to applying for permission to your principal, superintendent or school board or click the link below.

Effective Practices: Operational Requirements and Checklists for Fields Studies. 


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Jan 14 - International Field Studies

The International Field Study page houses resources for administrators and  teachers to plan, execute and evaluate international field study programs in Red Deer Public Schools.  Follow steps 1 through 3 in order to apply for approval of a field study at the local, provincial, national or international levels.  Tabs listing some sample destinations for mostly international field studies will of...